Who's using it and how does it work

Hi All,

I’ve got a customer that currently use SOLIDWORKS & PDM and it is working well for them.
They are now looking at SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Considering that SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Electrical use different SQL DB’s I’m concerned about connecting the systems together. I’ve got more questions but wanted to start there.
Anyone use SOLIDWORkS Electrical that is willing to share some “real” life experience?

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I had an engineer that wanted to use it previously and bc the “express sql” instance that was required to use it. We installed the express sql on his pc and bc we didn’t want to gamble with our server. So I never had the opportunity to install it on an actual server and make it available to the network. It worked fine for him in the configuration.

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@TomCote45 : I don’t have any real experience with SW Electrical. Two systems using two different dbs calls for a big integration effort at some point. This is almost guaranteed. I have found the SW Electrical API to be terse with little to no help online. @artem Any experience with electrical?