What's the difference between Rename and RenameEx in PDM API?

What’s the difference between IEdmFile5::Rename and IEdmFile6::RenameEx? API docs are dry on this.

API support folks:

In the RenameEx Method (IEdmFile6) the rename local copies is always true (internally the bRenameLocalCopies is set true by default as this parameter is “not” exposed/visible ) but in the Rename Method (IEdmFile5) user had the option to rename the file just locally or also the database but if you don’t give this option, the file will be renamed both ways i.e. database as well as local.

I think the “newer” method RenameEx has hidden this parameter “bRenameLocalCopies” because this will be confusing and inconsistent in long run if the API user renames file just in Database and not locally.

Other than that the RenameEx has this lFlags parameter which you have to give a 0 (zero) otherwise the method will throw an error called “invalid argument…”. Internally this flag is unused and probably reserved for any future implementation.