What PDM XML Import transaction types are there?

Hello everyone,

I’m aware of the PDM xml import rule and how to set it up. You write a xml document according to the structure given in the admin guide here: Solidworks PDM help: XML File Structure Example.

I’ve got this running and working without problems. The only “issue” here is that I have found at least two different transaction types that can be used to import different things. The example in the documentation and the only examples that other websites/blogs/youtube videos show is to update card variable values in documents in the vault.

But I’ve found the following other import types:

<transaction type=“import_lists” …>
<transaction type=“import_serial_numbers” …>

I’ve tested both import transaction types, and they do exactly as you’d expect. One imports a new list, or if you already have the list, it alters/appends it with the new items. And the other does the same with a serial number.

Now my question is, where are all the different transaction types documented and how are they structured.

Having more options to import data like this could be a massive improvement to say the least. Imagine what kind of automation links you could create between for example your ERP system, automatically adding client names to file lists in PDM. Maybe you could update project folder templates based on what the client needs coming from your ERP system.

I really hope somebody knows more about this.

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This is an extremely interesting question and I invite you to post them here as you find out more about these transactions. There is an easy way to get a list of those but you risk breaking the EULA if you reverse engineer the import tool trying to find the object model of the transaction class. My best bet is to :

  • Manually perform the import operations and see what data the XML gets you.
  • Reach out to your SW reseller or directly to SOLIDWORKS support to see if they are open to sharing the entire exhaustive list of those transaction types.