Unit conversion with the SOLIDWORKS API

I was trying to write code to create a sketch it took units in meters as default. In my Solidworks application, I use custom units & I was trying the code in the below to get units as I required but it’s not working can anyone guide me on this?

Dim LengthConversionFactor As Double
  Dim AngleConversionFactor As Double
  Select Case swDoc.GetUnits(0)
    Case swMETER
      LengthConversionFactor = 1
      AngleConversionFactor = 1
    Case swMM
      LengthConversionFactor = 1 / 1000
      AngleConversionFactor = 1 * 0.01745329
    Case swINCHES
      LengthConversionFactor = 1 * 0.0254
      AngleConversionFactor = 1 * 0.01745329
    Case swFEET
      LengthConversionFactor = 1 * (0.0254 * 12)
      AngleConversionFactor = 1 * 0.01745329
  End Select

I cleaned up your post title a little. Please take some time in the future to post your question properly.

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If you add some debugging output, what does the following line of code print to your output window?

Debug.Print "GetUnits: " & swDoc.GetUnits(0)

Testing this on my end, this works as expected (0 for mm, 3 for inches, etc.)

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It would be good for you to share complete macro codes instead of just snippet. With this we can check if the issue is with some other lines of the macro.