To change the Host server in PDM pdf conversion task

Hi All,

I would like to change the host server of pdf conversion task in PDM.
For some reason, we could not use the server which is already assigned to these task.

Is there any method already available in pdm to change it or do we have any API?
If possible, may we get list of pending task in a notepad/excel format?
your help will be very much appreciated as it is a critical issue for us.

Host server change

If you’re asking about API, I don’t know how to answer that, but the manual method is below.

To add a new task host, using the computer you want to add right-click in the system tray and select Task Host Configuration


You’ll then choose your vault from the drop down in the corner and then check the box next to the task add-in.

That’s all that’s needed on the hosting computer/server.

You’ll then move to your administration tool and log in as admin, or someone that can administrate tasks.

Open your task and select the “Execution Method” page. Your new host will appear here.


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@BigCrazyAl answered it like a boss.