Standard Redline Practices

Hey all,
Strange question, is there anyone thats had to deal with designers or engineers that don’t know what a redline is? I am asking because I keep asking for redlines, and they give me screen shots with text underneath or screenshots of a number in a toolbar window from solidworks etc. instead of just marking it up and showing me where the changes are

I do not know what redlines are either. Or at least not aware of an industry standard. So I likely wouldn’t be able to just know what exactly is expected of a “red line” in your context.
Sorry if that’s unhelpful but it’s honest.

Actually it is helpful, Redlines are basically printing out a drawing and marking them up instead of sending a block of text. saying what’s wrong.


I’ve been in industries that have used redlined prints in order to convey what needs updated to change the part to the next revision. They’re very helpful, however they aren’t a requirement.

The modern version of redlined prints that I see will use the comment tools in Adobe DC to draw on and make comments directly on a digital print. This eliminates the need to print anything out, but to each their own.

I think the biggest hassle is what to do with all the “redline” or “markup” files? Where to store them? network, PDM, emails, google docs, clouds? Or maybe just a screen shot of the redlining pasted in an email? Do we need to keep the redlines for posterity? There are so many variables.

No doubt that redlining or markups on the print is much better than a rambling email. I’ve found that the best solution is the one that most can agree to use, and that is likely not the best for anyone or even all, rather it’s the path of least resistance.

Just sometimes feels like its news to them when I request it. I was just wondering if this is normal or if I am just being difficult. Redline Storage is a thing for sure, I mean with PDM you could add them to the BOM I guess and obsolete them when it gets approved?

You can send those people some examples showing what you need.

Have you looked at or explored the markup option in the SOLIDWORKS or edrawings?

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Yeah I have been considering it. I was just asking if its something that if I push for it that most will accept the requirement.

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