SOLIDWORKS PDM API: Adding a right-click menu (commands) only visible from files

Which combinations of this enum (EdmMenuFlags Enumeration - 2018 - SOLIDWORKS API Help) will show new commands only in the right-click menu (Context menu) of files?

Thank you!

I’d like to say it is a combination of these (EdmMenu_OnlyFiles + EdmMenu_ContextMenuItem + EdmMenu_MustHaveSelection) but I have not tested it.

@AmenJlili your initial thoughts are correct.

Here’s the code I use for the RMB context menu of a command in one of my add-ins

(int)EdmMenuFlags.EdmMenu_OnlyInContextMenu +
(int)EdmMenuFlags.EdmMenu_MustHaveSelection +
(int)EdmMenuFlags.EdmMenu_OnlyFiles +

The only difference is mine does not allow multiple files to be selected

if you want coffee, I can get you some…

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The sum of those enum members is 43 if y’all in a hurry…