SOLIDWORKS Document Manager : This repo showcases an issue with deleting a property and re-adding the same property with a different type. Works fine for parts but not drawings

  • Git clone the repo.
  • Open sln in VS.
  • Restore nuget packages.
  • Make sure swdocumentmgr.dll Embed Interop Types = false
  • Create a file called DocManKey.txt at the root of the solution and put your document key manager there (must be 2021 or newer)
  • Inspect the Vendor Date property in the part and the drawing files. Files are at the root. Observe how the type of the Vendor date property is Date.
  • Compile.
  • Run.
  • For both the part and drawing (from the debug folder), inspect the Vendor Date property in SW.
  • Observe how the Vendor Property type for the part is text (which is true) and Date for the drawing (which is not the expected value).
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Confirmed with my 2021 SP5.1 install.

@BigCrazyAl : Thank you for confirming this bug. It’s so annoying :frowning:


I am having the same issue. One thing I did notice: Once you delete the custom property, save and close the file. Then open the file in SolidWorks manually, rebuild, save and close the file. Then add the custom property through DM, save and close the file. It seems to work fine (but it defets the whole purpose of using DM).

Nilesh Patel

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Yea. Thanks for confirming. Reopening and saving in sw is not part of the requirements.