Solidworks CAM Api

Can I use the new CAM tool in solidworks to get the toolpath of edges of a solid body?
If so which versions of Solidworks would support such macro?
Do I need a special license to use CAM api?

@Hamed : I think SOLIDWORKS CAM comes with SW Professional or Premium. I think you might need to ask SW for access to their CAM API. I can’t seem to find anything online about it. Contact your VAR.

Technically, the SOLIDWORKS API is enough to get the length of edges of all bodies. Drop your macro here and I might be able to help you.

@Hamed, Is this what you are looking for:

I looked at it some time ago for a project but unfortunately Solid CAM doesn’t offer much API.


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Thanks nilesh,
Solidworks has built in CAM module since 02020 I think. i was hoping to use that.

@Hamed : Tick @nilesh 's answer as the solution if it helped you!