Solidworks CAM API development

I would like to develop a macro to simplify the workflow for solidworks cam. There is not too much resources I can find on line. The official API indicates that:
The C:\SOLIDWORKSCAMData\xxxx\API_Macros folder contains macros that have been developed based on SOLIDWORKS CAM API’s.
But I could not find such folder. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Very interesting question.

I have no experience with CAM but there are different avenues of automation to explore…

GetAddInObject returns an object that represents the add-in and can be used to automate the function of the add-in. I don’t have CAM installed so I do not have access to the documentation…

You need to have SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional(additional charge not the one that comes with SOLIDWORKS) or you need to have a CAMWorks license to use the API. Hope that helps.

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Welcome back, @Gklein ! Took you 11 months to come back here :frowning:

Thanks Gklein. I do have solidworks CAM professional. Do you happen to have any example code to start with? I checked with my reseller and they can not provide any resources either.

3d Content Central has some Cam related macros examples which you can look at.

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