SOLIDWORKS API call to toggle off toolbox flag [sldsetdocprop.exe]?

An existing tool in SOLIDWORKS installation folder (SOLIDWORKS\Toolbox\data utilities) called sldsetdocprop.exe can turn off the toolbox flag on a toolbox part making a regular part document.

I wonder if there is an API call that can do this? If not, can this be automated in any other way ?

I know I can do this with Microsoft.UIAutomation but I’m not too keen on that doing if there is an easier way…

(Image Credit: Go Engineer)

I think you can only do that with the Document Manager API:

SW API equivalent to Peter’s answer: ToolboxPartType Property (IModelDocExtension) - 2017 - SOLIDWORKS API Help

Let me verify this and I will get back to you. You drink coffee, right? :wink:

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