Showing Web Page in SW Task Pane

Hello Everyone,
I try to plug a web page in SolidWorks task pane using Microsoft WebView2 based chromium and C#,
First, I tried to develop stand alone WPF application that show google web page, it works fine.

Then I tried to develop SolidWorks Add-In that load a web page in SW task pane , I succeed to fix all runtime bugs but the web page was not loaded in SolidWorks task pane .
Source Code of stand alone WPF application : GitHub - AhmedBChagra/webviewtwoproject
Source Code of SolidWorks Add-In : GitHub - AhmedBChagra/WebView2.SolidWorks.AddIn

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Let me take a look at this.

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I need more time to look at this. WebView sucks anyways use CefSharp.

Thanks for replay,
I used CefSharp as well , but I had runtime errors when I plug it in SolidWorks 2020 and later.