Reatach dangling ballons

Hy all,

i’m writing a macro to reatach all dangling BOM ballons after make massive references changes via DocumentManager.
I open the assembly, rebuild, save, open the drawing and traverse to look for a ballons with “?” symbol, then select the annotation, the entity and try to reatach with SetAttachedEntities(), but the ballon always dissapear.
The result is a boolean with True value, but the ballon dosn’t exist.

I try the example in the API help and get the same behaviour.

I read the post:

As @AmenJlili and @PeterBrinkhuis point, this is the method to use, but i can’t get it work…

Thanks in advance

It is already fixed, apparently it is a bug in the solidworks api.

If we place a balloon in a detail view of a section view and try to relink it, the balloon always goes back to the section view, so it seems to disappear…

you have to use SetPosition2() to reposition the annotation and SetLeaderAttachmentPointAtIndex() to reposition the note.