Platform: any APIs or data exchange with other systems options?

Any word on if there are API options for DS’s Platform? Or any data exchange options to get data between other systems?

I get the push that a company puts ALL their stuff in the Platform, but that’s just not realistic much of the time.

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DS has been a little opaque about this, truth must be told. I’m almost certain there are some APIs though.
SW API as it stands will remain the same but there may be some additions to the API that helps developers sync their work with the platform.

by “SW API as it stands…” you’re talking about desktop right? I hear there’s a platform add-in for desktop SW that allows users to use desktop SW but the file management and storage is in the Platform instead of client owned PDM servers (which could be remote or in the cloud, LOL). I don’t see much point in this as the client has lost control of their data and there is no smooth migration path from PDM to the Platform. I think it is because the Platform version of SW is not compatible with desktop files and since remodeling all the parts is a huge undertaking they can still use their existing CAD files but store them in the Platform. Which lead me to the question, how to migrate a large data set in or out of the Platform if there’s no APIs to do that?

I’m 99.9% ignorant when it comes to APIs to cloud/SaaS. How would a 3rd party right an addin to an app that is served to all the various subscribers. I can only assume the add-in would need to be registered and loaded each time a user starts a session? I don’t understand if something like the platform is served through a VDI type environment where each person that logs in gets an image spooled up or each user gets just a “platform process” that is hopefully walled off from the other users’ platform processes that happen to be running on that same server.
What about stand alone apps or PDM task add-ins?

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