PDM Sql lists are not updated

I defined some PDM list from SQL, but they are not updated
every 5 minutes.

What to check and how to fix?

Thanks in advance for any info.
best regards

Does it run the query as expected within the Administration tool where the list is set up? You should be able to click “Test” and see the expected results right there to verify all of your settings are correct.

Hello, yes, it works from Administration. I can get the results.
It looks like the query is not recalled/refreshed every 5 minutes.
I checked the log in Administration and in Windows, but no error appears.
PDM Users can see the list in the datacard, BUT is not updated with newer values.

Thanks for any info.
Regards Massimo

I don’t think the query will be called every 5 minutes.

This leads me to believe that it will be called once every number of specified minutes unless I’m misunderstanding what this field is actually indicating.