PDM Set EdmSysPerm on Registered User?

How can I set EdmSysPerm on Registered User?
EdmSysPerm Enumeration

First I will give some permissions, I will take back the permissions I gave before the mission task add-in was closed.

EdmUserData2 UserData = ???? // not new user
EdmSysPerm[] perms = new EdmSysPerm[2];
perms[0] = EdmSysPerm.EdmSysPerm_EditUserMgr;
perms[1] = EdmSysPerm.EdmSysPerm_EditWorkflow;
UserData.moSysPerms = perms;

I could not find the function to be removed after granting the authorization.

Have you tried looking at this example?


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@AmenJlili I tried that but there is no undo permissions function.
RemoveMembers Method (IEdmUserGroup8)
AddMembers Method (IEdmUserGroup6)
I used these two functions