Anyone run into this in PDM when creating an automated step file?


How are you creating the step file?

A couple things off the top of my head to check are:

  • Make sure the user has rights to view the file in the folder/workflow that it’s in
  • Make sure the user has a local copy in their cache before trying to convert it

Other than these guesses, I think a bit of sample code, if using API, or a step by step process of what you’re doing would be helpful for us.

Thanks @BigCrazyAl, maybe it is, since its being triggered through a work flow, and its being processed on a different computer than the one triggering it, it doesn’t seem to stop it from working but it is still throwing an error.

the task host is signed in as admin, but maybe it isn’t pulling the files quick enough before converting it or something.

is this the convert task?

Yes it is the convert task

You’re having this issue because PDM is failing to add the file to the vault for some reason. I can’t really tell without looking at the code and or the workflow.

Does the error give you at least the file name in the local cache?

Its just weird because it has the warning but everything works fine. plus the task host is logged in as Admin so it shouldnt have any issues. its just odd.

only thing I can think of is the file download is too slow to that computer when it starts spooling or something