PDM addin error code 0x080131513

Hello all,

I create an PDM addin for a customer which handles a post state event.

It runs fine within Windows Explorer. But when making transitions from the SolidWorks UI, some users get this error when the function is called:


Since this handles a post event, everything in PDM is fine. But it’s just annoying.

The function I call is from another DLL as the one that’s used by PDM. Could that have something to do with it?

Thanks in advance for your reaction!


Potential uncaught unhandled exceptions/references issue. Dude you should start using: PDMFramework

Check out the example folder in the repo.

This was something I also thought of, so I checked for unhandled exceptions.

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Let me know if you need some help debugging it!

Have you checked for exceptions that aren’t caught by default? Dotnet has a few and they’re meant to crash your app. Solidworks throws them every now and then but I run into them at a few places and was able to recover.

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@PeterBrinkhuis @JJZ

I have had these issues happen to me with SW and PDM:

  • I’m using different versions of the SW and/or PDM references in different projects.
  • Add-in fails to resolve references (because they are not loaded into the appdomain).
  • Embed Interop Types = true (This should always be set to false)
  • There is reference with a COM component that needs to be loaded during runtime (For PDM)
  • I’m using different versions of unsigned references.
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Thanks guys, this Friday I’ll be at the customer and try to solve it. It seems like I already took your suggestions into account (if applicable). I have some options to check. Strange is that the error didn’t appear when I tested the add-in when I was on site.

I just checked my VS project properties and found that ‘auto-generate binding redirects’ is turned off. Should I turn this on?

Further more, ‘platform target’ is set to ‘any CPU’. Would x64 be a better option?

Any CPU.
You can leave binding as is.