PDF Water Marks

Does anyone know a way to use workflow to watermark a PDF that isn’t generated from a CADfile. The file is added after its been PDF’d. or are we stuck editing it with adobe and adding it.

An option is to have a watermark note on your sheet template that can have the text updated during a transition. The value for the custom property can be set by an action and then you could run a convert task to make the PDF during the transition.

I suppose it depends on what exactly you’re looking to have as an output.

Another option that we use is a much more custom solution. I put something together in c# that applies a stamp to the corner of the drawing for our internal needs. It uses PdfSharp to manipulate the PDF document. This isn’t the same thing as one of the stamps within the Adobe software though. It essentially adds text and shapes anywhere you specify. It can even modify the transparency (see the “Issued” stamp/border in the image below)

I then use a Dispatch script to monitor if a file has changed state (has been added to the vault) and is a PDF file. It checks out the file, runs my stamping program, then checks the file back in.

If this is the direction I go that might work. It sounds like the company is ok without the watermark. So doing nothing is the easiest way.