Northwind PDM vault?

I’m wondering if there is a northwind PDM vault like the northwind db developers use for testing.

I’ve wondered the same. Replicating a PDM vault for testing is a pain since it doesn’t have any tools to do so seamlessly (Templates and tasks, i’m talking to you).

Maybe DS thinks that the quickstart or default vault suffices.

If one were to create such sandbox environment, what would be the criteria to define workflows and the like?

@FSAE47 Good point. I think I might do this in the future. I just don’t have the models.

Wait you can use other db then MS SQL for PDM?

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I’m asking about a slightly different thing here. Microsoft provided northwind db for testing, I was hoping there was something like that for SOLIDWORKS (An archive server and a db).

Yeah, I haven’t heard of one myself you know how much work that saves when you are doing it regularly

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If you have a VAR they might have some “scratch vault” they might share. It’s the workflows and files that help too. I learned a LOT about PDM behavior after we had a few ten thousand files in ours VS the training vault with maybe 100 files; the big deal is references and the number of users working on files that are referenced all over. This can really change the way you consider some tasks.


Yeah Making a replicated Vault is a thing that’s done , but I think @AmenJlili was talking something more streamlined.

I know that the VAR’s have a data set of CAD files from SOLIDWORKS for demo’s. I don’t think they are allowed to share them with the customers though.


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Thanks Tom! Will reach out to my VAR!