New to the SOLIDWORKS API? Here are my resources to get started today

SOLIDWORKS API Help Documentation: The official SOLIDWORKS API Help Documentation is an essential resource. It provides comprehensive information about the API, including object models, methods, properties, and example codes. You can access it directly within SOLIDWORKS by going to “Help” > “API Help.”

SOLIDWORKS Developer Portal: The SOLIDWORKS Developer Portal is a dedicated website that offers a wealth of resources for API developers. It includes API documentation, code examples, whitepapers, and guides to help you get started and expand your knowledge.

SOLIDWORKS Forums: The SOLIDWORKS forums are a great place to connect with other API developers, ask questions, and find solutions to common challenges. The “API/Macros” section of the forums is specifically focused on API-related discussions.

Online Tutorials and Blogs: There are various blogs and tutorials available online that cover different aspects of the SOLIDWORKS API. Some of these resources are created by experienced SOLIDWORKS users and developers who share their knowledge and tips.

YouTube: YouTube hosts many video tutorials and demonstrations of the SOLIDWORKS API. These videos can be helpful for visual learners to see the API in action and learn various techniques.

Books: While the SOLIDWORKS API is continuously evolving, some books provide a good foundation for understanding the API’s principles and concepts. “SOLIDWORKS API Series” by Luke Malpass and “SOLIDWORKS API Programming” by Cody Armstrong are two popular books that can be helpful for beginners.

User Groups and Conferences: Check for local SOLIDWORKS user groups and conferences, which may include presentations and workshops on the SOLIDWORKS API. Participating in such events can help you network with other developers and learn from experts. There is a specific SOLIDWORKS API User group now.

Online Courses: Several online platforms offer courses specifically focused on the SOLIDWORKS API. Websites like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and SolidProfessor may have courses that cater to different skill levels.

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