List of the most requested/downloaded VBA Macros?

I’m trying to make a list of the most downloaded/requested VBA macros from the community. The goal is to have a list of high-value macros. The macro does not have to exist on the Web. Feel free to put together your spec in a reply (or comment).

Your input is highly appreciated!

There are always requests to export to .pdf, or whatever format. A super export macro/add-in could be cool. Perhaps the option to choose default export file format(s), default save location, single/multi-page/named-page(s), and customize the saved file name with custom property variables would be doable. Then, when the user wants to export, it just works rather than browsing to a save location every single time.

It could even be file type specific, like if I want all drawings to export to PDF but all part files to export to STEP. Just thinking out loud :slight_smile:

@deckelmaho Please do not advertise your products here. If you have VBA macros to share, please create a new post with the source code or the download link with the right macro-library.

Post your macros here: Macro Library - cadoverflow