License Usages from SolidNetWork

Hey Guys,
I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to monitor license usages. I know how to see the current snapshot that is on the SolidNetWork but that is only a current thing. If not, does anyone know if you can use Command line to access network manager because I could just script something.

The license server keeps a log, but it’s not exactly meant for running reports. At the top of the log, they placed this message:

So, it’s possible but it sounds like it will also cost more money.

@BigCrazyAl, yeah well, thats not happening when the whole reason I am running it is to confirm if we can save some money to use that money in a PDM Pro upgrade instead of PDM Standard. But It can give me some info. Where is this log located?

It’s available on the license manager that is installed on the network license server. The log isn’t available for the client on the PCs that request the licenses.

I kind of figured as much thanks @BigCrazyAl

If I make a Script to check this I will attach here for everyone.

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