Interactive selection - Solidworks API

I there any API to interactively select an object.

Example - A macro starts execution.
The Macro prompts user to select a plane.
Graphic window is displayed to the user.
User selects a plane.
The control is returned to macro.

I have searched net and help files but was not able to find the technique.
This is available in all other softwares like CATIA, Inventor, AutoCAD

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It’s possible to create a property manager page to allow selections of features/faces/planes etc. or any options you may have created to determine how the user wants the feature to be created. It’s a bit convoluted if you’re not very familiar with the API. There are some examples on the API help site too if that’s what you’re looking to do.

Property Page is the best option, but here is also a simpler alternative: Wait for user selection in document using SOLIDWORKS API