Info SolidWorks PDM DataCard

in SolidWorks PDM Professional, is it possible in a datacard:

a. To have a Search TextBox, that call an external query
like select CustomerName from Customers where CustomerName like ‘%’ + SearchTextBoxValue + ‘%’

that fill a DropDown list with all customers name?

b. How to call an external program from a datacard, passing some datacard values.
Something Like : open …\GetCustomers.exe %SearchTextBoxValue%
Or in case, how to call a dispatch action from a datacard.

c. How can an external program, set datacard values.

Thanks for the informations
best regards

Yes you can. You can e.g. create a button that shows your search window and when you close it, you fill in the variables (or not if you cancel).

To fire an event when a button is pressed, use


When it is pressed, you can get the identifier (poCmd.mbsComment) of the button pressed and use it to display the corresponding form.

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I have a datacard example with PDMFramework:

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Hello, thanks for the info. So is it possible just by creating an Addin,
not with “standard” PDM commands/functions?

Hi AmenJlili, thanks I will check the example. Thanks, regards Massimo

if you just want “A” you can do a SQL query to populate it as a list, that’s the simplest way.

Hi, thanks,

is it possible to make this list “dynamic”?

I need to filter the list from a value
the user input for search and reduce the list.

Thanks, regards Massimo

No it’s not, Depending on the length of the list the reward of having it reduced my not be worth building something custom etc. That’s up to you, It’s just an option for simplicity.