IEdmBomCell::GetVar config parameter is always returning an empty string?

Has anyone tried GetVar and was able to a proper value from the config parameter?

It has always returned an empty string for me.

I put together a quick program from the available documentation and my config variable returned an empty string for each column. I even tried playing around with how the BOM columns are set up in the PDM Admin Tool and couldn’t get anything to show up for configuration.

Thanks for reproducing this error.

Hi @AmenJlili;

object poValue = null;
object poComputedValue = null;
string pbsConfiguration = "";
bool pbReadOnly = false;

ppoRow.GetVar(ppoColumns[2].mlVariableID, ppoColumns[2].meType, out poValue, out poComputedValue, out pbsConfiguration, out pbReadOnly);

Can you try with the this codes?
My results were not null

So pbsConfiguration is not null

I don’t understand. Do you want the configuration to be empty? value is not empty in the code I shared

Can you send the assembly and the bom layout you are using (cex file)?

Can you send the assembly and the bom layout you are using (cex file)?
bom.cex - Google Drive

This what I got from API support:

Yes, I think you are correct. This particular parameter is Null for me as well. But that said -

  1.  For the computed BOM, you are already giving the configuration name in the >GetComputedBOM Method (IEdmFile7) via the bsConfiguration.. so the configuration >is already known for this BOM
  2.  For the derived BOM, I think this parameter could be useful but if you already >have a column type i.e. col.mbsCaption as EdmBomCol_Configuration, I think you >can get the configuration of that particular cell as well.