IConfiguration returning the description instead of the name

I have this odd behavior where IConfiguration::Name is returning something different than the actual name of the configuration. It is returning the description. Anyone has this issue before?


This is a tricky one. You have 2 Default configurations here, so those cannot be named default. But I remember being confused by this as well as I think Doc Mgr and SW treat this differently and one recognize this as Default configuration while other is as Default

It is kind of weird. The reality is that my issue is coming from InsertPart3, somehow when I set the options enum to copy custom properties, it doesn’t copy any custom properties to the new document. I’m thinking it is because of this.

@AmenJlili, Not sure whether it will help or not but you only see “As Machined” and “As Welded” notations for part that have weldment feature in it or created earlier. Configuration names still stay that way even if weldment feature is deleted so hard to find out whether the part is a weldment part or not.

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