How to use backspace key in custom tab?

I want to be able to create a custom tab add-in in the PDM command accelerator and be able to use the backspace key in a text box like a custom notes field on the user control.

I’ve tried but if I use a text box or other input entry on the control. The problem is that instead of backing the cursor up, the entire PDM window goes back to the last folder I navigated to, similar to the backspace key did in internet explorer, it navigates back a page.

Tim (aka Laslow)

@Laslow99 : I’m assuming your usercontrol is Winforms one.

Have you tried using a WPF usercontrol inside a Winforms elmenthost? That might actually work.

If you can upload minimal viable example (MVE), I might be able to reproduce the issue on my end and attempt to fix. Push your code to GitHub or paste it here.


I’m going to give this a go! This sounds promising

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@artem mentioned having an issue that is similar to this and he solved it with his xcad toolkit.

Let me know if you need help integration this.

Are you looking this type of control to in Textbox field.
Kindly suggest.

@Laslow99 Just curious. Any updates on this?

I’ve been sick all week so I haven’t touched any work at all. I’ll see if I can this weekend.

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