How to set the position of a directional light in SOLIDWORKS?

I have these two parts that I’m trying to get them to look alike by making sure:

  • They have the same values in appearance (which is done).
  • They have the same scene and background. Done.
  • They have the same number of directional lights, which they do. All the values of the directional lights match.

The two parts still look different and I’m thinking that it is because of the position of the lights. Is there any way to set the position of the light?

See picture below:

You can grab and drag the position of those light!

Yup. I’m aware I can change the position from the property manager page but I’m getting these weird behaviors. Take a look at this:

There appear to be a lot more settings via API than with the user interface, so I’m honestly not surprised. Can you check the light source property values with the following API command just to see where the two files differ?