How to send a message from Solidworks PDM server to client

Hi Team,

I have created the Solidworks PDM server-side Addin to listen to state change events. I’m able to capture the state change along with files and data card information.

I’m planning to send some messages to the user in the Solidworks PDM client to verify some data before state change like showing properties file VS Datacard or something else.

Please help me to get this done.

#SolidworksPDMAddin #ClientServerAPI

Can you share your code so we can help you?

Do you mean that you have a PDM Add-In loaded into your vault here?

If so, then this code snippet on the solidworks website may be helpful.

I am working on something similar for a customer of mine. I’ll ask him if I can show you something once it’s finished. It gives you more control over what type of message (body and subject) is sent to which users.