How do you version your SOLIDWORKS PDM add-ins?

SOLIDWORKS use year service pack build number to version its add-in in the format YYYY.SS.BBBB

How do you do yours ?

I am using the following format:

{major}.{minor}.{azure build number}.{revision}{build type}

Where, {major}, {minor}, {revision} are manually assigned

{azure build number} Is an Azure build number automatically assigned from my CI/CD so I can always track the exact version of the code for this specific installation

{build type} - type of build automatically assigned based on a branch:
4 - development build
5 - preview
6 - alpha
7 - beta
8 - pre release
9 - production

This scheme lets me quickly get all the information about the installed version

Here is the video explaining this (6 minutes mark is for version): Implementing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices in your organization - YouTube

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For my PDM add-ins, I’m incrementing the version # manually. 1 2 3 … 4. It might be worthwhile to consider something like what you are doing but I don’t know how the CI/CD stuff would work with PDM in terms of creation the CEX file. I kinda of prefer sending that to the customer instead of sending bunch of dlls.

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