GetVar bug when folder with same name is in vault recycle bin

A coworker found an odd issue today with the PDM API while validating our PDM Add-in. It appears to happen when there is a folder in the recycle bin that used to be in the same path as a currently existing folder with the same name.

In this case, I’m looking at the folder variable “ECN_IsComplete”, which is a checkbox on the data card.

Currently, the active folder in the vault has this value for the variable.

When debugging our add-in, it shows a value of 1 for the checkbox, which is incorrect.

After a lot of digging, it appears that the value of the deleted folder’s “ECN_IsComplete” variable was “1”. If I select it and destroy it from the vault, then re-run my code, it works as expected giving a “0” value.

I already verified that the ID of the folder is correct being passed into this method and cross referenced it with the SQL database directly to verify the stored variable value is also correct.

Does anybody else use folder cards? Is this something that one of you could reproduce?

Edit: I’ve also submitted to api support.

This is already on an open SPR according to the support team.
SPR 1111411 : GetVar Method (IEdmEnumeratorVariable5) for folder returns values from deleted folder while actually value is empty