Get part list in assembly except from sheet metal

Hello ı am trying to get list of all component in Assembly except from sheet metal und weldments.
But ı am getting error when ı try to get custprop and body of them. Here is the my code. macro
Pre condition:

  1. Open assembly file. It must be include sheet metal, weldment and extrude body parts.
  2. CFİML13.xlsx this file must be on your local drive. it can be empty excel sheet. Please change root of it in code
  3. Part must have;
    PropName; Kategori Value: bla bla
    PropName; MarkaValue: bla bla

As always: please include the exact error you’re getting, and on which line. And could you add a sample Excel file and a few parts so that we don’t have to create them according to your specifications?

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