Get Drawing Views PNG with Document Manager Api?

Is it possible?
Can I get views in drawings as images with document manager api?

ISwDMSheet4 dmSheet = (ISwDMSheet4)Sheets[i];
object[] objc = (object[])dmSheet.GetViews();

I don’t think so. Views don’t exist anywhere as images and even SolidWorks itself doesn’t let you export a single view as an image. Let alone via the Document Manager API.

There is a method to get the preview image of a model, but that’s about it.


When we open the drawing with eDrawings, we can make individual layouts for the views and export these layouts as png, jpeg etc.
How can we do this with the help of eDrawings api.
I did a little research, I think there is no function related to the layout yet.

I have no experience with the eDrawings API, so I can’t help you with that.

Try the codes here Batch export files to foreign format via eDrawings API (without SOLIDWORKS) by @artem

I know how to export with edrawings api. But there is no information about the layout