Exporting/Extracting solidworks motion analysis applied force data to CSV/ spreadsheet

Hi, I am working on motion analysis using Solidworks motion analysis add-ins. I defined force function I applied to an assembly (i.e. applied to a surface on my assembly) using segments. Thus, I can create harmonic forces looking like trapezoids.

I want to use the force data, specifically, the data of the force applied (i.e. maybe a data point every 0.05 second), to do further analysis on Matlab. But I do not know how to export the force data as a spreadsheet or as a table with columns of time and forces. I can see there is a “save as” button at top right corner of the function builder window, but that only allows me to save as “sldfnc” file, not as a spreadsheet or csv

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I think this example may help you in some fashion