Export Web 3D Format gltF or other with 3D MDB PMI dimensions

Hello, there is a way to export 3D PMI data in a Web 3D format (gltf or other) from SolidWorks.

3D PDF cannot be displayed inside web browsers.
STEPS need a “conversion” to a 3D web format, adding overhead.

Is it possible?

Thanks, best regarsd

You can download the solidworks augmented reality add-in which adds the ability to save files in the GLTF format.

I think it only works with solidworks 2019 or newer.

Hi, thanks. BUT also PMI info and dimensions are exported?

Thanks, regards Massimo

I cannot confirm that. I think it might be. GLTF files are human readable so it might be a good idea to download the add-in, play around with the settings, export some files and then inspect the exported GLTFs in a text editor.

You will definitely get your answer doing that.


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