Editing bom qty

I can’t remember Can you edit BOM QTY’s or is that driven by the Assembly. I am pretty sure you can’t unless you add your own quantity into the part.

You can edit the qty value by manually overwriting the values in the BOM.

What is your specific requirement to overwrite qty value?

I thought so, but It’s not letting us. unless you cant in Computed BOMs

You must have set the option for this window “Don’t show again” and then clicked on No.

Go to Tools > Options > Messages/Errors/Warnings, select the message shown in above picture and click OK. Now you should be able to edit the qty value in the BOM.

I was meaning in the BOM Generated in PDM Unless you are saying it Backhauls

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If you copy the file in PDM and “Paste as Reference” onto the assembly it’s used in, then the value you specify in the custom reference overrides the one from the assembly itself. I’m not sure if that’s useful but it worked in my test vault just now.