Drawing Autodimension (width&heigth) Api

Hello ı want to give dimension to view in drawing but when ı try with smart dimension it gives unnecessary dimension. I just want to see width and height dimension.

    Dim vAnnotations As Variant
    vAnnotations = swModel.InsertModelAnnotations3(0, 32776, True, True, True, True)

ı dont understand this;

There’s no API for that, you have to build all of the logic yourself. That means analyzing the view, finding outer entities, transforming geometry and adding dimensions. I’ve done so as well :wink:

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May ı start from view outline or give bounding box and convert to sketch after that give dimension.

Set swView = swView.GetNextView
Do While Not swView Is Nothing
vOutline(nNumView) = swView.GetOutline
vPos(nNumView) = swView.Position
nNumView = nNumView + 1
Set swView = swView.GetNextView
I know your site. :smiley:
Also you have;

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The outline is, as I remember it, the size of the selectable area of a view. It’s about 10% bigger than the geometry of the view, so it has no relation to actual geometry.

Try the macro codes by Fifi Riri in this post https://r1132100503382-eu1-3dswym.3dexperience.3ds.com/#community:yUw32GbYTEqKdgY7-jbZPg/iquestion:xLr8YA43QaGVCgWoXQd_sg