CREO/ ProE add-in

Has anyone used these add-ins, our R&D group does not use PDM for more than storing files properly. Does the Add-in accomplish this well? RIght now we have Windchill set up for two CREO users which I see as a waste and we should probably be using on system. So just looking for opinions does the Add-in work with the files well enough.

Are you talking about the ProE add-in for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional ?

Maybe this can give you a good idea on how useful it is ( Sorry it’s a long read.

Yes that’s what I was asking about, I don’t want to suggest it if its a subpar product.

Update: CREO, adds a licensing fee to be a developer because of Solidworks a competitor. So to use it you have to pay 10,000 USD or 13,000 CAD. just to use an add-in. Yet solidworks doesn’t lockdown their software to allow Solidworks models to run in Windchill, frankly I am disgusted since we are not the competitor we are just trying to simply our systems as a Creo customer as well.

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Sorry to hear that. :frowning: