Creating installer for SOLIDWORKS add-in with WiX

Hi everyone ı am trying to create installer for my add in. I did everything well until Adding COM component and ı got error at this stage. can someone help me by teamviewer?
Here is the error.

[Unresolved reference to symbol ‘WixComponentGroup:AddInComRegGroup’ in section ‘Product:*’]

Here is the source video and site;

It sounds like it could be a few things related to generating the AddInComReg file:

  1. Are you generating the AddInComReg.wxs file automatically during your project build using heat.exe? If so, have you verified that the file physically exists after building?
  2. Do you have the AddInComReg.wxs added to your Installer project? It needs to be present alongside your Product.wxs file that references the AddInComRegGroup.

I’ve run into some issues getting mine set up initially while following this tutorial as well, but it’s been working now through several version updates without issue.

If you could post a bit more about your specific application, that may help. How are you generating the AddInComReg.wxs file?

thanks for your reply. I am trying to generate AddınComReg.wxs like as video wtih ths post event code;

"%WIX%\bin\heat.exe" file "$(TargetPath)" -ag -srd -cg "AddInComRegGroup" -var var.SourceOutDir -dr INSTALLFOLDER -o "..\Setup\AddInReg.wxs"

What you mean with that: 1 If so, have you verified that the file physically exists after building?
2. ı dont have ıf ı genereate during build ı will add as link with this code

 <ComponentGroupRef Id="AddInComRegGroup"/> 

I am doing step by step acording to tutorial but ı am stack at this stage

Yes, I’m doing the same with this method. Your AddInComReg.wxs file needs to be added to your Installer project after your build it for the first time from your separate library project. Have you done that yet?


It will be placed in your build folder specified in your first quoted heat.exe line. On your installer project choose “Add → existing item” to your installer project and browse to the file.

The problem starts during generate AddInComReg.wxs this file not exist in my project or setup folder. I cant generate this file.

It works for me when I use your parameters. A “Setup” folder is created one level above the target build directory and contains the AddInComReg.wxs file.

Are you getting any errors during your build?

On your add-in project, I think you might need to have “Register for COM Interop” unchecked on the build properties page, although I’m not sure how much that matters. The only class that needs to be ComVisible is the one that implements the SW add-in interface. The other option is to try and run Visual Studio as Admin and try and rebuild.

Visual Studio as run as admin alrady did it.
Register for COM Interop already checked.


Public Class EverestWorks

End class
Project already class project
Could you help me via teamviewer ?

Unfortunately, I’m not able to screenshare. Can you un-check “Register for COM Interop” and try again?

ı can install add in but when ı try to activate in solidworks although ı checked in addin list cant see in command tab.
latest error;
ICE57: Component ‘cmp8DF04E91C5D91A4BB4E451B62CBE9E85’ has both per-user and per-machine data with a per-machine KeyPath.
command line;

here is the setup file;

This sounds a bit more like a problem with the add-in project than with the actual installer. Without seeing the project as a whole, I don’t think I can be of much help.

I did it finally visual studio runs without problem.

But still ı cant see in solidworks.
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@BigCrazyAl can you test this in your computer.

I did it with manually without setup . Put dll file to program files and register all key to regedit. Now there is no problem.