Cancelling/Clearing Tasks

I Have a task hung, and I cant cancel it etc. it just says cancelling. is the only way to clear it, restarting PDM server?

I believe the only way to fix it is to edit the SQL database. As with all things database related, proceed with caution and make backups before doing anything.

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Thanks, its annoying one has a cancelling that’s showing a timer for days I am concerned it might cause some issues.

This absolutely was what I needed

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Update TaskInstances Set TaskStatus = 1 Where TaskStatus = 6

1 [Waiting for host]
2 [Starting up]
3 [In process]
4 [Retrying]
5 [Suspended]
6 [Cancelling]
7 [OK]
8 [Cancelled]
9 [Failed]
10 [Suspending]
11 [Resuming]

Just In case the link dies