Border Zone spacing

Does anyone have a guideline for the Zone spacing inside of drawings?
I know this is not specific to SOLIDWORKS but…
I’ve been trying to find spec’s online and they seem to range from a spacing of 2" to 7"


Hey @TomCote45 does this link help Introduction to Engineering Drawings ?

Does SolidWorks really use the zones by now? I checked it a while ago and all zones were ignored for some reason. I hardcoded them in Drew at 5x5 and no one has ever complained about that :expressionless:

Yes, they’ve had them for a few years now. I set them up at a customer a few years ago and then couldn’t remember where they were to setup for a different customer.
They work well with the integrated rev table in PDM as well.


Hi Amen,

Thanks for the link but what I was really looking for was a suggested spacing of the zones. Zones, A through ?? vs. 1 through ?? in the other direction and per paper size.
Seems to be all over the place and no real standard that I can find.


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ASME might be the only place to find a standard for this. You will probably have to pay to get it though.

Are you looking to find the zone where object is by any chance? If so check ISheet::GetDrawingZone

In my experience, this is dictated by a company’s own drawing standards document. I found a few examples online, one most notably from an old NASA standard, indicating each zone size for their needs.

All this to say, do what makes sense for your application.