Assembly BOM table scaling


are any of you aware of a VBA method to access the scaling option of a BOM table placed in an assembly?

It seems like the scaling is related to how much the view is zoomed in with respect to “zoom-to-fit” at the moment of inserting the table but I’m not so sure.

I would like to set the scale to 1.0 before exporting the table to Excel, in order to make sure that the text is legible in Excel.

I could do:

swModel.ShowNamedView2 "*Isometric", -1


before exporting, but I was hoping of something better.

I found these discussion in the old SolidWorks forum but there isn’t a definitive solution:

I’m not sure a way to do that but you can open the exported excel file and and use the autofit method to adjust the columns and rows sizes.

Thanks for the reply.

I was hoping for a method within the SolidWorks API in order to avoid opening the Excel file, but I will give it a try… maybe I will end up writing the BOM directly in Excel so I can have more control over IT and so I can skip the BOM insertion in the assembly document.

Here is one from @artem

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