Applications Made for PDM

All apps I have seen in PDM have an add-in. Is there downsides to not having an Add-in. We have a 3 party application that built software but it doesn’t use the add-ins in PDM does this cause stability issues?

It depends on how the program is intended to be used.

Typically, an add-in will utilize event hooks like (before-check-out, after-check-out, before-state-change, etc.) to run custom code, add menu buttons, or run code for data card buttons for example.

If you have a 3rd party standalone application, that may be more geared toward performing a specific task that PDM doesn’t do out of the box. For something like this, batch checkin/out & updating/changing files is very common.

The intent of the program will usually be best suited for one approach over the other.

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ok sounds good It just seemed weird and doesn’t perform well