API to link notes and txt file

Can someone help me write or send me a link with existing macro to link text/notes from 3D model (so not in a drawing) to word/excel/some text file document. The idea is not to write large notes in 3D model but to leave a small note a then the further explanation is in the text file. This is for easier team work while working in the same assembly (model based definition). So maybe the first two words in notes are same as txt file so when you run the macro, it opens up all of the linking documents. Or just some tips or similar solution for me because I am a complete beginner in this area, thanks

Not sure how this can be done with the current API. The other folks @BigCrazyAl and @artem may have something else to say…

You can insert a note into 3d model and can create a hyperlink to the desired file. This way when user clicks on that note, the desired file will open.

Check the video I’ve shared on 3DSWYM.

I don’t really have an easy idea to accomplish what you’re looking to do.

However, storing files separate from the model data doesn’t seem like a robust solution. So, with that said, using the 3rd party storage via the API may be the best way to store what you’re looking for without writing it all out in an annotation. This would require an interface for the user to access the data somehow too.