Add Progress Bar to PMP

Curious if you guys have any idea how they added this progress bar to the Defeature tool’s PMP. I’ve incorporated progress bars into forms or utilized the status progress bar, but think this piqued my interest.


Without testing, I would assume that this is an ActiveX control. I don’t know what you would put for the classid or the license key, however this would be where I’d start.

Then you begin the fun of trying to learn how to control it in your form. Good luck, post any findings back here for those of us that are curious about this now.


Thanks @BigCrazyAl for the suggestion. I’ll look into this and update if I am able to

@BigCrazyAl , @schukara, you can refer this example


I was thinking in the realm of VBA but that makes a lot of sense Artem. Thanks for the example!

Thanks, @artem. I appreciate it! My experience with add-ins is limited, but will take this as a learning opportunity

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