Activation of "use dimension size"

Hi guys,

does anyone know how to activate the checkbox in marked menu?
It is for dimensions with a tolerance, e.g. bilateral tolerance type.

the method just modifies the value but does not check the checkbox “use dimension size”:

Private Sub ProcessDisplayDimension(anno As annotation)

    Dim dd As DisplayDimension
    Dim swDim As Dimension
    Dim swTolerance As DimensionTolerance
    Set dd = anno.GetSpecificAnnotation
    If dd Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    Set swDim = dd.GetDimension2(0)
    If swDim Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    Set swTolerance = swDim.Tolerance
    If swTolerance Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    If swTolerance.Type = swTolType_e.swTolNONE Then Exit Sub
    Dim tolType As Integer
    Dim status As Boolean
    tolType = swTolerance.Type

    If tolType = swTolFIT Or tolType = swTolFITTOLONLY Or tolType = swTolFITWITHTOL Then
        status = swTolerance.SetFitFont(True, True, 1)
        status = swTolerance.SetFont(True, True, 1)
    End If

End Sub

Yes, the return value has been changed after the set. After the processing of my macro the value of font scale change to 1.0 but the “use dimension size”-checkbox isn’t activated…
I’ve tried also to close and reopen the document but there is no activated checkbox…

Now I am trying to come along with a workaround across the Windows API